Wednesday, April 1, 2009

+ the road less travelled

I know two extraordinary women whom I admire very much and who have been dreaming of changing their lives for many years. Now, both of them have been granted their wishes. Both of them are hesitating to move, to choose, to accept. And I wonder, is the fear of change or failure enough to keep us from moving towards our dreams? And the false sense of security that we feel or the security that we long for at all cost....we can see now that security is not always so easy to navigate, that promises are not always kept. That what feels safe can be an illusion.
When my mom died I think I knew then that security was fleeting and that I had to be ready when the tides changed, shifted. The idea of security is wonderful: a love that lasts forever, a job that lasts, a house that is yours and represents your hard work, a government that represents you- all of these things, a comfort. So, I understand the fear of heading down a new street- worrying that you could make a mistake. I understand.
I don't know what these women will do- I will support them, no matter what.
Joseph Campbell said to follow my bliss... that if I am on MY road, things fall into place. And, if I am on someone else's path, I will not feel my life and, things won't  fit. That makes sense to me.
The road awaits!