Sunday, August 19, 2012


so, i'm doing the whole social network thing and exposing myself. it's ok because i want my writing and my books to reach people. this adventure sent me to pintrest. do you know pintrest? it's like a bulletin board where you can 'pin' images from the internet. you create a board with a name and then do searches on various themes--today, while pinning my '+happy' board, i typed in the word BEAUTY and i expected you know, 'art, moon and sun and colour and flowers'...the first three or four scrolls down were pictures of women. now why is this interesting? because i had a constructed vision of what BEAUTY is (key here: constructed) to me----and when the page popped up, i saw something different. don't get me wrong---people are beautiful and women, too, and yes, as a girl i feel a certain amount of pressure to be 'beautiful' according to society's standards (as fickle as they can be!) but see, i was expecting my own paradigm on that page! proving once again that i construct my own reality! and, embarrassingly, i am surprised when i find that it is not a universal construct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i construct my world. i make the world with my thoughts. THOUGHTS = THINGS. powerful stuff, constructivisim.

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