Thursday, March 12, 2009

+ no regrets

I took a train on a track heading downtown so I didn't take the train heading uptown. The silver sliver took me to the life I am living now and the uptown train remains a mystery. But the downtown train became my ride. (Photo by Andrea Lupi.) If I had stayed at school I never would have worked at CWSS. If I had never worked at CWSS I never would have been offered a job in D.C.. If I had taken the job in D.C. I never would have had my music career. If I hadn't turned down the record contract I wouldn't have travelled overseas or fallen in love with Italy or taught literacy or ESL or taken my TEFL certification in San Francisco or lived in Europe, had a job I love, lived in Lucca, met my neighbours or Lynn and Marty...or exchanged apartments with Sara in the Village (and she may not have painted those STUPENDOUS Lucca Light canvases!). I have had lots of opportunities-chosen some-said no to others and there are no regrets. No regrets. Imagining what might have been is a dream and sometimes it's fun to sit and wonder. In the end, I am here and love what I am doing. And feel fortunate to have had tons of fun things to choose from. If we are the sum of our choices (and mistakes!) then I am conscious of every one of them! To all of you on the downtown train I say 'thank you for your company!' I am enjoying the scenery!

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