Saturday, March 14, 2009

+ side affect

My mom and dad have a sticker on their car: SAVE OUR PUBLIC LIBRARIES. My mom's been putting her name on the best seller waiting lists for more than 20 years and claims that checking out a book helps her finish it faster - to make the due date. But in lots of American cities the library has been abandoned for big bookstores, cinemas and video rental. Now it seems people are re-discovering the magic of their public library and that little card that holds the key to well, any place at all- any time at all. From Vonegut to King, e.e. cummings to Keats, from Mickey Mouse to Sartre... the library shelf is a treasure chest of the extraordinary and the ordinary, from chic-lit to the Bronté sisters and beyond -- AND IT'S FREE!!! There are DVDs and fashion magazines... public bathrooms, reading lamps(-warm in winter and cool in summer-) nowadays the library seems like a nice place to hang again. So if you find yourself in the neighbourhood of your local library, Check It Out!

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