Tuesday, March 10, 2009

+ streamofconsciousness

i was sitting down thinking about what i've got and i realised that everything (everything) i ever really, truly wanted and needed, i got. i wanted to live in california. i wanted to sing. i wanted to fall in love. i wanted cats. i wanted to paint. i wanted to travel. i wanted to dance. i wanted to have a relationship with my parents and a handful of fabulous friends. i wanted to live in italy. i wanted to teach. i wanted to write. i wanted a dog that fits into a bag. i got what i needed. i set it up and it came. tell the universe what you want. BE SPECIFIC.* *i wanted to make a living as an artist and i wanted to earn just enough to survive and that is exactly what i earned: just enough to survive. (presently i am working on changing that one....) 'name it and claim it' p.s. i was fortunate enough to be born in a country that encourages dreamers and i had the advantages of a middle class upbringing. i was also a product of a movement that gave women a voice and a choice. it is important to note: i have always known exactly what i wanted and possibly more importantly, knew what i did not want. with all these advantages, i did not want to waste any time or any of my resources. hey, i made tons of mistakes along the way but have no regrets.

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